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Housing Choice Portability: Portability is the ability for a family to move from one voucher jurisdiction to that of another while still maintaining the tenant-based voucher.

 If you are porting to the Walton County Housing Agency, WCHA:

Request portability from your housing authority. If approved your housing authority should provide you with a name and phone number to the WCHA. Your Housing Authority should also send your portability paperwork to the WCHA. Contact the WCHA at 850-892-8185, or at to verify that your portability papers have been received by the WCHA. You will need to make an appointment and we will advise what you need to bring to the meeting. Attend all appointments on time and bring copies of all paperwork required. It is your responsibility to locate a home! Representatives of the WCHA will assist if we can. There is little to no delay to arrange for an inspection.

If you are porting from the WCHA:

The WCHA can assist you to locate a Housing Authority in the receiving area that administers a Housing Choice Voucher Program.
You will not be allowed to move outside of Walton County under portability during the first year of receiving assistance.
You also can not move if you owe money to the WCHA.
You must furnish the WCHA with the name and address of the receiving PHA. We will contact the housing authority to determine if you can move to their area ad still receive voucher rental assistance. Portability is not guaranteed.

Actions following a Disaster:

If we as an Agency family face a Natural Disaster such as a tropical storm or hurricane it will be important that families communicate with the Agency and the Agency keep tenants up to date on operational changes.

It will be important that tenants update the Agency on the condition of their homes so reports can be made immediately to HUD and all emergency agencies serving our community. As soon as possible following any storm in which your family is impacted or your home is damaged, that you use the Agency web-site to visit the tenant portal and explain what damages have occurred to your home or any family emergency that you may have.