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Frequently Asked Questions

A voucher is HUD's agreement to help bridge the gap between what you can afford to pay for rent, and the amount of" Fair Market Rent" as designated by HUD for this region.

Only a small list and this list changes each day. Your best bet is to ride around, stop and ask if you see house for rent.

The initial issue of the voucher is for a period of 60 days from the date issued. Prior to the end of the initial 2 months, you can in writing request a onetime extension of the voucher for a period of 60 additional days. You may email a request for voucher extension.

one. We must receive a written request to extend your voucher prior to the completion of the first 60 day period. Emails will be accepted.

you may re-apply for assistance and be placed again on our waiting list.

you will need to maintain and copy for future use. Among the paperwork you have is a Request for Tenancy Approval. If you locate a potential home to live in, you and the landlord will need to sign this form. It is your responsibility to return this form to the HUD office. When this is returned the Agency will follow-through and begin an inspection process.

The Agency must inspect the home and make contact with the landlord. Do not move in until you have received approval from the Agency

No ! If you have any questions about rent amount issues please contact the HUD Agency.

This will be between you and your landlord.

HUD requires two heart beats per room regardless of age or gender.

yes, As long the rent is within the rent range for your voucher size.

Your rent is figured based on your income and several different factors including family size and composition. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay about 1 week of pay for your monthly rent.

You can rent from any landlord willing to accept HUD payments and sign on to our program. You may not rent from a relative.