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FSS Program

The Family Self Sufficiency Program is designed to help our participants improve their life through individualized services, an FSS coach, and a FREE savings account.

This is how it works.  First you must be receiving HUD assistance to apply for this program.  If you are willing to obtain and maintain employment and stay in good standing with WCHA and your landlord, you’ll be all set to join the FSS Program.  Then you work with your FSS coach towards powering up your life and improving it.

As you know, HUD assistance is calculated as roughly 30% of your household’s adjusted income for monthly rent.  When your income rises, the amount of rent you must pay also rises.  For FSS participants, you will still pay the new higher rent to the landlord, BUT an amount equal to the rent increase will be deposited into a savings account in your name.  You will get all the money that was deposited in your name upon graduation from the FSS program.  Money you can use for any purpose like buying a home, buying an automobile, or paying off debt.

Rent is more than likely always going to increase.  Why not get some savings and benefits from something that is pretty inevitable anyway.

You will have 5 years to complete the goals of the program.  During your first meeting, we will discuss goals you may have for yourself.  Then we will work together to create a plan for accomplishing all your goals.

If you do nothing, in five years you will be five years older.  If you choose to do something, you will STILL be five years older, but you could also have a nice nest egg, and be making informed financial decisions.  I hope you will consider this opportunity and complete an FSS application and return it to us.

One last note, you will NOT lose your HUD assistance if you enroll in the FSS Program.  Completion of the FSS Program does NOT mean you will lose your assistance.

We only have a few slots available.  Apply now while we still have openings.

Click HERE for the application.